Rail Services by the Richmond Pacific Railroad



Rail traffic that is received or loaded at LRTC is handled by the Richmond Pacific Railroad Corp. (RPRC). The Richmond Pacific Railroad Corp. is a wholly owned subsidiary of LRTC's parent.

The Richmond Pacific Railroad interchanges with the BNSF and the Union Pacific Railroad. The railroad has daily interchanges from both Class I railroads and can handle unit trains of bulk commodities.

Within the terminal there is a bottom-dump hopper unloading system. Cargoes can be unloaded and conveyed to stockpile areas within the yard. The dock has double tracks where railcars can be positioned for loading or unloading.

All track operated by the Richmond Pacific Railroad is capable of handling 286,000 lb cars.  The track is maintained to FRA Class I standards.  The railroad operates along 11 miles of track and handles an annual volume of over 22,000 carloads.