Harbor and Handling Facilities

LRTC is located on the Richmond Inner Harbor, ten miles east of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Richmond Inner Harbor is maintained at -38 feet (-11.58m), mean low water.

Cargo is handled at two berths:

A BERTH 38 ft. (11.59m) 650 ft. (198.17m) 750 ft. (228.6m)
B BERTH 30 ft. (9.15m) 850 ft. (259.15m) 650 ft. (198.17m)


Maximum Beam for any vessel is 106 ft. (32.3 meters). Maximum vessel size is PANAMAX, with maximum cargo size of 52,000 metric tons.

Cranes and Ship Loader:

There are three 50-ton gantry cranes and one 25-ton gantry crane for loading and unloading vessels. Cranes use interchangeable hydraulic or mechanical clamshell buckets. Stacking conveyors are also used for the loading of cargoes such as iron ore, coal and petroleum coke.

The portable ship-loader is designed to load a ship at 1,000 MT per hour, and when used in conjunction with another conveyor or cranes, increases the speed of loading bulk cargoes.