LRTC is the only privately owned and operated, diversified dry bulk marine terminal on the West Coast with annual imports and exports in excess of 1,000,000 metric tons.

Our personnel are truly the difference. We appreciate each of our employees and their contributions to the company's goals. Many employees have long tenure, which translates into valued experience. Because our employees are full-time employees there is very low turnover.

The labor force is represented by the Operating Engineers Union, Local 3. Our full-time employees take care of everything onsite from loading and unloading vessels, servicing and repairing the company's cranes and equipment, fabricating equipment, and maintaining the marine terminal. The labor agreement has distinct advantages over that of other ports, which are subject to using pooled operators from the International Longshore and Warehouseman's Union (ILWU). Our labor agreement allows for flexible work practices, which translate into competitive rates for our customers.  We are proud to provide "family wage" jobs with full health and pension benefits.

IMG_4781.jpgThe management of LRTC works to create an environment that builds upon employee respect and dedication. Full-time supervisors, with many years of experience, manage day-to-day operations. On-site supervision means quick decision making and efficient cargo handling. Our supervisors schedule and oversee day-to-day operations and maintenance programs, reporting directly to the management team.

A safe work environment for our employees is paramount in our operating practices. A long-established safety program is carried out through mandatory training and meetings, and safety incentive awards. The company's safety record is recognized by our insurance carrier as one of the best of any small to mid-size stevedoring operations in the country.