LRTC Vision and Mission for the Future

LRTC Vision Statement

Accounting_Group.jpgWe will be the foremost Northern California provider of integrated transfer solutions for the movement of goods between railcars, trucks and ships by leveraging our unique terminal and rail assets based on our commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our employees, customers, and community.

LRTC Mission Statement

LRTC will continue to grow through continuously improving our integrated cargo handling and distribution model connecting U.S. companies domestically and worldwide.  Our growth and expansion will be built upon exceptional customer service, environmental leadership and safety conscious, loyal employees.


800_Days_Group.jpgTeamwork: We believe that a team –driven workforce results in valuable innovation and top performance. We make each other a priority, stay connected, share information and provide respectful, honest feedback. Together we maintain a clean, safe and cooperative environment.

Our People: We build sustainable and respectful relationships at all levels in our organization. Our collective success depends upon each individual demonstrating our
values every day.

Great Service:  We set our goal to be the very best at what we do and each action we take should have the best interest of our customers in mind.

Environmental Stewardship: We continuously strive to protect the environment and act as responsible stewards and stakeholders in the communities where we operate.

The Community:  We make a positive difference and take a leadership role in the communities where we operate.

Health and Safety First:  We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and harmonious work environment for everyone who interacts with us.

Equal Opportunity:  We provide equal success and opportunity for all of our employees. We respect the viewpoint of others, their time and priorities.

Responsibility: We hold each other accountable for consistently modeling high standards, caring and respect. Every employee takes responsibility for his/her actions and makes changes when necessary.