About Us Overview

Levin Richmond Terminal Corporation (LRTC) is a private dry bulk handling marine terminal located in the San Francisco Bay.  Located on deep water, LRTC is served by the Richmond Pacific Railroad which connects directly with the BNSF and Union Pacific Railroad.  The marine terminal is easily accessed via Interstate Highway 580 which connects to several other local highways for easy transport of goods.

The marine terminal maintains two berths for the loading and discharging of vessels.  Loading is performed with portable ship-loaders and/or three shore-side cranes.  The discharging of vessels is performed with the three shore-side cranes onto the berth and into railcars and trucks.  

Railcars are unloaded through a bottom-dump system in a covered building and moved through the terminal on conveying systems for temporary storage.  Trucks are unloaded over portable truck unloading systems.  Railcars and trucks can be loaded with mobile front-end loaders.

Storage is available adjacent to the two berths.  The storage areas have paved concrete surfaces to allow for easy stockpiling and clean-up.  A steel building is utilized for the storage of calcined petroleum coke.

Due to its ideal location and its deep water, most large dry bulk vessels can be accommodated.  The terminal has two berths: A-Berth with a depth of 40 feet and B-Berth with a depth of 30 feet.

At Levin Richmond Terminal we work to satisfy our customers' needs and focus on cargo-handling solutions for dry bulk materials.